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About Us

Quality Veterinary Services since 1946

Sequoia & Woodburn Clinic provide professional and personal animal care to cats, dogs, and small animals. Proudly serving the pet parents in Canby and Woodurn, Oregon.

Trusted Veterinary Care

We offer specialized care for your animals, including; immediate care, behavioral consultation, dietary counseling, surgical services, and more. If your pet has an emergency, contact us for fast, comprehensive, and compassionate care. Get wellness care for your pets no matter their age.

Sequoia Veterinary Clinic: 503-266-6090

Woodburn Veterinary Clinic: 503-982-2421

Meet Our Dedicated Staff

Our expert veterinary doctors and skilled vet staff here at Sequoia & Woodburn Veterinary Clinics are ready when your pet needs us in the Canby and Woodburn, Oregon communities.

Our Team